Ruby-1179 (Large).jpgDhanna-1194 (Large).jpgc99-Stephanie-2102 (Large).jpgmegan-ink-1145 (Large).jpgAngel-5318 (Large).jpgRuby-1099 (Large).jpgKitty-1048 (Large).jpgmegan-ink-1025 (Large).jpgShauna-art-1069 (Small).jpgIMG_8775 copy (Large).jpgCrystal-1302web.jpgRuby-1091 (Large).jpgKelcey-1082 (Large).jpgLori-1176 (Large).jpgDhanna-1190 (Large).jpgKitty-1085 (Large).jpgGAB6 (Large).jpgJess2-1045 (Large).jpgLexi2-1083-bw (Medium).jpgJulieW-1107 (Large).jpgKelcey-1123 (Large).jpg246612_10152144398975054_599111153_n.jpgRayna-Strips-1206 (Large).jpgLori-1018-1 (Large).jpgmegan-ink-1062 (Large).jpgSuzie2011-1288 (Large).jpg

Celebrating the beautiful union of the female form and expressive artwork.

“Curves & Tattoos”

The female form is definitively the most beautiful of all creations.  Everything we know to be exotic, or of high value, has been inspired by the beauty of a woman.

This  portion of our photography serves to capture that beauty along with the expressive art-form of body ink (tattoos)  to form a beautiful and sensual artistic collaboration.

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